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spa with a soul

Our spa menu offers pampering, relaxing, and de-stress treatments, catering for among others couples, brides and pregnant moms. There is a comprehensive menu featuring rituals specifically developed for Rain and which are unique to our Rain Day spa.
Rain’s very own 100% natural Biologie product range is used in the spa’s for treatments and is available for sale in all Rain stores. Biologie is a specialised skincare range harnessing the science of nature and is packed with anti-oxidants, botanical extracts and plant based actives. Biologie has been formulated around the company’s ethical and all natural approach to health and wellness encouraging the notion that beauty comes from within and from living a healthy and giving lifestyle

village spa

Village Ridge Boutique Hotel
C/o Main & Melk str
Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria
Tel: +27 12 460 4900


A symbolic ritual of purging and shedding of the old – old hurts, feelings, fears, old dead skin. 


Initiation in Africa represents a rite of passage into a new phase of life, celebrated as a symbolic coming of age. 

two oceans

The meeting of hot and cold creates circulation, and this inspired our Two Oceans sea themed treatment.

rain dance

An original Rain Dance massage, Inspired by tribal dance and choreographed to provide a synergistic rhythmic flow between guest and therapist. 

the sole

As your sole is often a reflection of your soul, we focus our full attention on treating your feet to bring you to a place of deep and penetrating relaxation.


This is as close as a treatment gets to a warm hug. The experience is one of being cosseted in a cocoon of warmth and chocolate. 

elephant walk

Come with us to the plains of Africa and share the rhythm of the elephant! Our massage technique used here is inspired by the elephant’s walk. 



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