wild harvested

Like you, we believe the Earth's resources are precious. That is why we ensure that our natural ingredients are wild harvested in a sustainable manner. Care is taken to never take more than is needed and that more than enough is left to flourish the next season.   

The wild harvested oils and botanical actives we use have been used for centuries by African Tribal people for their medicinal properties. These oils are pressed from plants growing wild in nature. No artificial fertilizers and chemicals are used. They are not farmed or grown in rows commercially – they are harvested over vast distances and picked off wild trees. Most of the trees are hundreds of years old and as such cannot be grown commercially.

The labour-intensive nature of this harvesting process means it provides a wonderful source of income to thousands of harvesters around the country. These fruits and seeds are harvested by hand by Fair Trade groups all over southern Africa creating employment for rural people who would otherwise have no source of income.



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