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artisan soap - antibacterial / deep cleanse

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Rain prides itself on making creative, unusual handmade soaps.
We make a broad range of glycerine soaps as well as 100% natural, cold-processed vegetable oil soaps. These special works of art are intensively handmade and each soap takes 3-4 weeks to cure.
Essential oils of Tea tree, Rosemary and Lavender form a formidable antibacterial cocktail in this all natural moisturizing artisan soap.
Size: 120g
USES: All skin types.
Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes.

 Ingredient benefits of antibacterial artisan soap
Lavender Essential Oil - aids circulation, refreshes
Rosemary Essential Oil - detoxifies, tightens sagging skin
Palm Oil - moisturizer
Coconut Oil - skin conditioner, nourishes
Sunflower Oil - holds in moisture, Vitamin D & E
Olive Oil - moisturizing skin softener
Avocado Oil - moisturizing, heals sun damage & scars