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artisan soap - antioxidant / repair

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The high ORAC ratings from Honey bush and Cinnamon Essential Oil give this soap its antioxidant properties. Sweet Orange essential oil and Coconut oil are added luxuries.
Size: 120g
USES: Create a foamy lather all over your body while in the bath or shower and then rinse off thoroughly.
WARNINGS: Avoid eye areas.

 Ingredient benefits of antioxidant artisan soap
Sweet Orange Essential Oil - regenerates, uplifts
Tea Tree Essential Oil - antiseptic, heals, anti-bacterial
Cinnamon Essential Oil - intense antioxidant, tones & tightens
Cape Honey bush Powder - powerful antioxidant
Palm Oil - moisturizer
Coconut Oil - skin conditioner, nourishes
Sunflower Oil - holds in moisture, Vitamin D & E
Olive Oil - moisturizing skin softener
Avocado Oil - heals sun damage & scars