detoxifying angel dust bath salts in an eco-friendly bag

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Need to detox naturally? Soak away in a hot bath with our Angel Dust Bath Salts. Renew your body and spirit. When you emerge, you'll find a glamorous slight shimmer on your skin and the unique fragrance of frankincense and myrrh.

- Stimulates circulation
- Relaxes & relieves muscles and muscular & joint aches 
- Softens dry and calloused skin
- Exfoliates and Promotes cell regeneration
- Detoxifies
- Replenishes magnesium and sulphate in the body 

Additional Information
Size: 16 oz or 32 oz
Uses: Add two or three teaspoons to your running water.
Warnings: None
IngredientsSodium Sesquicarbonate, Glitter Crystalina, Color, Fragrance