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baby natural talc

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Our natural baby talc is made with cornstarch with lavender and cape chamomile essential oil.
How to use: Use baby powder in your baby's diaper/nappy area to reduce moisture and friction. Apply carefully to area of irritation. Wash away any powder that may accumulate in your baby's skin folds whenever you change them.
SIZE: 40g
WARNINGS: Do not use on severe rash or open sores.

There is a resistance to using talc for babies. Even though talc is a natural mined mineral fromt he ground, it is in fact what glass is made from – Silica , just in its very finest powered ground form.
Under a microscope, the molecules of talc are sharp like tiny splinters – so parents are reluctant to use it as theory is that it irritates more than it soothes.
This remains to be proved and generations of babies have grown up with real talc with no side effects. However, the market demands talc free talc – which is what we sell. Finest ground cornflour talc.
 Ingredient benefits:
Corn flour starch: carrier medium which dries moisture
Lavender Oil: calming and soothing
Cape Chamomile Oil: relaxing
Corn flour starch, Lavendula abrialis oil (lavender)
Eriocephalus punctulatus oil (cape chamomile), Amyl Cinnamal**, Citronellol**, Geraniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**
** a component of natural essential oils