Our Biologie range is proudly eco-ethical, formulated using organically certified botanical ingredients and organically wild-harvested plant oils and extracts. A skincare range for those who care what they put into and unto their bodies. The Biologie products are biodegradable, environmentally-friendly specialized products designed to care for hair, feet, body and hands.

interesting ingredients

aloe ferox

Used traditionally by the Xhosa people of the Eastern Cape region for healing wounds, relieving the sting of insect bites and as a soothing, cooling gel for excessive sun exposure and burns.

cape malva

The essential oil from this plant has a very unique fragrance and is commonly referred to as Rose Geranium. The Cape Malva is the signature scent of our Aloe range.

egyptian jasmine

This fragrant flower has been credited down the ages for its calming and restorative effects. The oil is prized as an ingredient in many perfumes and also as a treatment for dry skin.



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