The Savannah range marries a memorable fragrance with elegant design while delivering natural benefits from key skincare ingredients. This range offers a timeless elegance that makes it a beautiful addition to any home.

interesting ingredients


The leaves of this plant have been used as a tea by the Khoisan people for hundreds of years. Today, scientific studies have confirmed its health and skin benefits.

mafura butter

The rich and healing butter extracted from the Mafura nut gave the tree its name – “mafura” being the word for “oil” or “fat” in the southern African language of Sesotho. The tree is also called the Natal mahogany and is recognized for its dark leaves, red-brown bark and fragrant yellow flowers.

baobab oil

The baobab is known as the “tree of life” because there are so many uses for every part of it, from the root to the leaves. The trees can live for 1,000 years and the trunk can reach a diameter of 25 m.



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